Auto Clicker Download (Latest 2021) for Windows

Auto Clicker as the name suggests, clicks automatically on either a particular point on the screen or dynamically follows your cursor while clicking all along. While playing click-based games, clicking the mouse thousands of times after a point becomes extremely cumbersome. In such cases, the clicker will continue clicking infinitely until you stop the action. The Mouse clicker can best be put to use in click-based games such as Roblox and MineCraft.

Auto Clicker Settings

There are several Auto clicker applications and software that you can download online. While there can be some slight variations to the configurations, most auto clickers have these fundamental settings in place:

  • Click Interval – This parameter determines the duration between two consecutive clicks. You can set the duration in hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, or a combination of the four. If you leave all the boxes as zero, the clicker will click infinitely without any interval between clicks. 
  • Click Options – You can choose whether you want a right click or a left click. You can also select the number of clicks you want. It can either be a single click, a double click, or a triple click. 
  • Click Repeat – The number of times you want the clicker to click. If you choose Repeat until stopped, the clicker will go on clicking until stopped.
  • Cursor Position – You can set a position where the app will click on the screen. Otherwise, you can leave the option to ‘Current Location’ where Auto clicker will click on your dynamic cursor location. 
  • Hotkey Setting – Auto Clicker apps and software give the option of setting a hotkey to start and stop auto-clicking. This option is particularly useful while playing games such as Roblox and Minecraft. The most commonly used Hotkeys are F6 and F7. You can set it to whatever you want.
  • Record and Play – Not all auto clickers will have this feature. Only the best auto clickers in the industry such as OP Auto Clicker as well as GS Auto Clicker have this record and play feature. Whenever you enable this feature, the auto clicker starts recording your cursor movement. You can click anywhere on the screen followed by a sequence of clicks. Your entire cursor motion and clicks will be recorded and saved in the Auto Clicker’s memory. On playing the recording, the auto clicker will automatically do the entire recorded sequence according to the settings inputted. 
  • Speed of Recording – Once a motion has been recorded in the auto clicker, there will be a speed option that you can toggle with. If you need the motion to happen swiftly, you can hasten the sequence or slow it down accordingly. By default, the recording will play with the speed you had moved the cursor while recording. 

Games where Mouse Clicker Becomes Useful

  • Roblox – Auto Clicker can significantly enhance your firing speed. It also assists in swift movements by just pressing a single hotkey. Set the cursor on the firing button, turn up the speed to the highest setting allowable in your auto clicker and repeat the clicks until stopped. Whenever you spot an enemy, all you need to do is press the hotkey and aim towards the opponent. The auto clicker will fire automatically. 
  • Doge Miner 1 and Doge Miner 2 – Both these games are click-based and the points you accumulate depend on how fast you click. The character is a dog and clicking equals mining in this game. With an Auto Clicker set to the fastest clicking option, you are sure to come out of this game victorious. 
  • Pizza Presser – Each click resembles a Pizza being pressed. The faster you click, the more customers you can serve and thereby grow your restaurant chain. The mouse clicker will press the pizzas for you without you having to touch your mouse. 
  • Room Clicker – All you have to do in this game is click anywhere in the room and earn money.
  • Cookie Clicker – Save the World – The essence of the game is that a user has to collect as many cookies as possible. The more cookies one accumulates, the faster he/she can save the world. Cookies can be collected by clicking on them as fast as possible. Here, auto clicker gives you a massive boost. Set the clicker to a dynamic cursor position with no time interval between clicks. While in the game, just bring your cursor on a cookie and the clicker will click it for you. 

Best Auto-Clickers in the Industry

  • OP Auto Clicker – With one of the simplest user interfaces, OP Auto Clicker is surely a giant in the Mouse Clicker market. The clicker also allows you to record cursor movement and clicks and play it in a loop infinite number of times. 
  • Free Auto Clicker – A very reliable software, Free Auto Clicker works similarly according to screen coordinates. It is very user-friendly and completely free.
  • Golden Soft Auto Clicker – GS (Golden Soft) Auto Clicker is one of the biggest competitors of OP Auto Clicker. GS allows users to save more than one hotkey for clicking on a particular coordinate. This software also allows users to record clicking sequences and use them in games. GS is well tested and completely virus-free. 
  • Perfect Automation – Perfect Automation has taken the game one step ahead by allowing users to record keyboard clicks as well. You can set a hotkey for mouse as well as keyboard clicks. The user interface has just one tab for clicking, making it approachable for beginners as well as professionals alike. 

Safety Concerns of Auto Key Clickers

While there is no doubt that Auto Clickers make life so much easier while playing click-based games, it is imperative to address safety concerns regarding the safe. Due to the availability of so many auto clickers in the market, the security and authenticity of some of them have been a major issue. Some of the free auto clickers are virus infected and can damage your system. 

Some of the auto clickers are not well coded and hang up when made to click infinitely for a considerable amount of time. As more and more people are using auto clickers, several games are disabling them upon suspicion. Using auto clickers takes the fun out of such games as well ignoring the fact that it is unethical to use one. If you are considering using an automatic mouse clicker, download a reliable one and keep these constraints in mind. 

Fastest Auto Clicker 

While several companies claim to have developed the fastest auto clicker, singling out one would do injustice to might-as-well faster auto clickers. However, according to people’s reviews and several speed checks, the OP Auto Clicker is considered to be one of the fastest auto clickers that can withstand heavy load as well. Windows 10 often has this software pre-installed.  

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