Idle games, as the name implies, are such games that can be played while you are away from the PC. Sounds insane, isn’t it? These are also known as clicking games or incremental games. With an intriguing concept as the base, idle games are probably the simplest and the most addictive games ever. An uncomplicated action, mostly clicking, helps you achieve a higher score and move forward in the game.

Through this article, we will be reviewing the top 10 idle games that are rated most competent for PCs. So, let us begin.

1. Cookie Clicker

The first one up is a click-and-bake game. Recognized as the frontrunner in the incremental gaming world, Cookie Clicker is all about cookies. All you need to do is, click on the big cookie to earn ‘cookie’ points. Here are some of the reasons why you should give this a shot:

  • The game is not hard to understand. You learn as you go about it.
  • Options such as stats, info, legacy (which gives you the highest score to get to the next level), etc. can be monitored while playing the game.
  • You can get upgrades from the store such as an auto clicker, grandma (to help you bake more), farm, etc. to get to the next level faster.
  • Unlocking the first upgrade, the auto clicker, helps you get further in the game, even if you are away from the PC.

Even though you only get to do 250 clicks/sec at most, it is one of the most addictive games. The best part, while you read this, you can also have your auto clicker bake cookies for you in the background.

2. Room Clicker

Okay, so the next one on the list is a window-side room where you, the player, are seated in front of your PC while possibly doing the same in reality. Room Clicker starts with Day 0, as the calendar reflects, and with zero income. Income starts to increase as you get on with the clicking work. Below are the main aspects of this game:

  • It has various items that, once you purchase with sufficient income, will improve your clicking speed. For instance, the cheapest item, a PC, will increase your clicks by 0.5 clicks/sec. The more costly an item, the better the clicking ability.
  • You can also purchase the same item several times to make a winning blend.
  • Once you have purchased the auto clicker with 250 points, you can now rely on it to get farther in the game.

As the game progresses, the background light keeps changing from bright to shady, depicting the day& night. As a simple game, Room Clicker is very engaging and makes you want to play better, earn more points, and buy as many items as you can.

3. Enchanted Heroes

Now here is a graphically advance the incremental game. Enchanted Heroes is about a young warrior who must kill all the monsters before they kill him. Every hit from your, or the monster’s side, affects the immunity of the other. To know more about it, read on:

·        Every click works like an attack on the monster, decreasing their immunity right away. 

·        You can see the immunity levels for you, as well as the monsters, so make sure you kill them before they kill you. 

·        Every time your immunity gets low, make sure to click on the warrior to revive his strength.

With the stats, and level details on-screen, you can easily check your progress. Also, the Grandmaster standing right behind your enchanted hero is ready to offer tips, as and when you want. A lot of upgrades for better gameplay and skillsets can be bought using the coins, but first, you must reach the target to unlock these. Since it has an automated clicking tool right from the beginning, the monsters are still killed while you go for an upgrade. 

4. War Clicks

This one is a bit more advanced than the Enchanted Heroes. Under the guidance of General MasterClicker, you get to click your way into the war and defeat the enemy. You get to learn the know-how about boot camp and war zones, buy upgrades, fight the enemy with various weapons. Below reasons should be enough to get you addicted to War Clicks:

·        There is a huge variety of upgrades for weapons, a support unit, fuel options, etc.

·        Every time you achieve a target, you climb up on the army rankings. 

·        There is an auto-clicking option that can be used, as and when required. 

·        You can also increase the intensity of weapons by using the battle stars. These ‘battle stars’ are the currency that help you manage your strategies on the battleground. 

War Clicks is a clicker-version of a battleground game, and worth a try. You’ll be hooked before you know. There is also an option to chat with fellow officers to plan battle strategies, but only if you are a registered player.

5. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is an idle/clicker game that requires very less understanding of the game. In this game, you are to start a business with zero money in your account. The game has a one-screen with several options available on it. You can check your stats, unlock bonus options, hire managers, call in high-maintenance investors, and more. And this is not it: 

  • The gameplay has several items that you can sell, to grow your business. The lemonade stand is the cheapest way to start. 
  • You can move into monetarily better business ventures, including pizza delivery, shrimp boats, etc. 
  • With enough money, you can hire managers. These managers are the auto clickers that do your job for you. Depending on their strength in the business, these work as auto clickers for the particular business type. 

The concept is simple, and yet you cannot help but hire more managers, have a bigger business, and make more money as you go about it!

6. Press the button

What could be more straightforward than pressing a button right? So here is a super easy game about repeated clicking on a button. Press the button game requires you to simply press a red button, right in the middle of your screen, with the help of different characters. With goblins and wizards as upgrades, you can unlock these to help you press the button, and obtain a high score.

The higher the score, the more things you get to unlock, including the first monotonous screen you see. Even the clicking speed can be increased to get more points. However, you must have a flash player on the PC, to access this game.

7. Idle Breakout

This old-school lookalike game is considered a modern version of the Atari breakout game. As a copy of the actual game, Idle Breakout is only different because of the click-and-destroy-the-brick function. And yes, you can still destroy bricks with balls. Here are some reasons why you must give this a try: 

  • The blocks can be destroyed using mouse clicks and the balls (which you will have to earn). 
  • Different types of balls can be purchased from the score you’ve made. And you also get to upgrade their speed and power. 
  • The bricks are marked with the number of times you have to click to destroy them. 
  • After the bricks are destroyed, a new level starts with new bricks and a higher number of clicks required to destroy them.

This simple and colorful game makes you want to compete and do better with each passing level.

8. Forager

Although Forager isn’t exactly an idle game, it does help you make points, even when you are away from the PC. The game needs you to do a lot more than mere clicking. A lot of combat and building work is required throughout the game. 

By the end, Forager’s gameplay shifts towards automated work, and hence you can enjoy the game without having to do much work. Being a premium level idle game, you can only access the paid version. Forager is everything incremental, but also a lot more than that. 

9. Plantera

This eco-friendly plantation game is an idle game that requires you to click on several different elements in the game. Plantera is a nicely built game, wherein you have to catch butterflies and gain coins. Below are some of its features:

  • Once the score starts to build up, you plant different items to get farther in the game. 
  • You end up creating a beautiful garden full of fruits and vegetables. 
  • You can also take help from blue creatures that help you gain more coins. 
  • There is also the possibility of unwanted creatures such as rabbits and magpies that could destroy the garden.

Although it is also a paid game, Plantera has very nice graphics and is a must-try. 

10. Cow Clicker

Last on our list is an idle game specially designed for Facebook. Cow Clicker is all about cows, hence you don’t need to worry about any creatures or balls here. The game is simply a mockery of the games available on the social media platform. And all you need to do is to click on a cow, after every 6 hours.

With nice gameplay, it allows you to visit other player’s cows too. And if you click on them, you can make money. There is also an upgrade section, where you purchase different items.

The endnote

These games are all very simple, but can also be quite addictive. The concepts are designed interestingly, and also very nice visual graphics.  

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