Every regular PUBG player will be able to relate to the finger cramps after playing intense matches at a stretch for hours together. In those moments, we all wondered about an application that would do the shooting for us! An Auto clicker is that application that has come to the rescue. With the help of a clicker, winning matches become so much easier. Here are a few hacks and tricks using an auto clicker that can transform your PUBG experience.

  • One of the most useful tricks that you can implement with the help of an auto clicker is to automate the firing button. Download an auto clicker of your choice and place the clicking position on your shoot button. Set the clicker interval to the lowest setting possible for continuous firing. On seeing an enemy, press the play button and aim at the enemy. The clicker will shoot for you!
  • While in the middle of an intense fight, it is important that you evade or dodge the enemy bullets with constant movement. Set the auto clicker on the jump button and set a click interval of your choice. As soon as you start getting hit, turn on the clicker. The character will start jumping and you can shoot down your opponent easily.
  • The same process can be used to prone or crouch continuously while shooting. Place the mouse clicker on those buttons and turn it on whenever required in the match.
  • The auto clickers significantly increase your hit and damage rate when you are using sniper rifles that fire using the single tap method. For example, when you are using guns like Mini 14, SKS, SLR, or QBU, rather than continuously tapping on the screen to shoot, you can automate the entire action. Set the clicker to the gun option and decrease the click interval to as low as possible. Upon spotting an enemy, you can use these sniper rifles as assault rifles while pressing on the play button in a match.
  • This can best be felt in TDM matches like WareHouse and Death Matches. Auto Clickers work best in close range battles. Care needs to be taken if you are not a gyro player. In such cases, recoil control will be really difficult when using a clicker.
  • If you wish to get legendary items for crates, using an auto clicker is the best hack. With the new update, you can set a higher probability of certain items that you want from classic, supply, and premium crates. For this, you will have to use the multiple clicks option.
  • Place the auto clicker clicks on all the items that you want probability increased. The clicks will happen one after the other in a randomized fashion. While the clicks are taking place, press on ‘Open Crate’. You will most certainly get one of the few legendary items that you had selected. This trick is used quite frequently by top gamers if in case you are wondering how they have legendary gun skins for almost all their guns.
  • Gaining leaderboard position in Cheer Park mode (training) becomes very easy with the help of an auto clicker. When you are playing the game of shooting targets, place the clicker on the fire button with the fastest clicking parameters. When the targets appear, use gyro to control recoil and simply aim at targets to fire at them. Keep in mind this is only for single tap guns. Using an auto clicker for an assault rifle will slow down the firing speed significantly.

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