As the name suggests, Auto Clicker is essentially used to automate the repetitive task of clicking on the mouse. While the function of the clicker may sound trivial, its usefulness in certain areas of interest is immense. This can include mechanical documentation jobs that require you to click at a certain area on the screen a few thousand times a day. Auto Clickers are mostly used while playing click-based games to increase click speed without actually clicking on the mouse. MineCraft is one such game where the clicker can be used to practically perform every action in the game. If you want to emerge victorious in MineCraft and not care about gaming ethos, an auto-clicker is a must! The gaming nuances using an auto clicker are further discussed in this article.

How to Play MineCraft using an Auto Clicker

  • To be able to use an auto clicker, you will have to download a good one first. The two recommended auto clickers are OP Auto Clicker and GS Mouse Clicker. Both these auto clickers can be easily downloaded from their official web pages and have an extremely simple user interface.
  • Depending on the action you will be performing, you will have to set the parameters of the auto clicker accordingly.
  • One of the most common uses of the auto clicker is during a 1v1 fight or close encounters with an opponent. In such scenarios, how fast you click will decide how much damage you can inflict on your opponent.
  • To automate this fighting move, open the auto clicker while MineCraft is playing in the background. Keep the click interval of the clicker to the lowest setting possible so that your character can hit constantly without any breaks. Set the Click Repeat to ‘Repeat until stopped’. Select a hotkey for the action. Both auto clickers allow you to change the hotkey as many times as you want. Keep the cursor position as dynamic.
  • Once you have set the parameters, go back to the game. Whenever you encounter an opponent next, you do not need to keep clicking for your character to start fighting. Press the hotkey and the auto clicker will automate clicking in the fastest speed possible. All you need to do is move your character towards the enemy and aim at it.
  • The same settings can be applied to other activities in the game such as mining to collect XP from the walls. Rather than clicking continuously while mining, you can simply switch on the auto clicker and it will do it for you.

Additional Uses of Auto Clicker in MineCraft

  • Fishing can also be done with the help of an auto clicker. Use the Record and Playback button to record the entire fishing sequence. Whenever you press play, the entire series of clicks will be repeated to fish, and whenever you catch a fish, you can quickly stop the clicker with the hotkey and manually play the game with your mouse.
  • Even while building houses or mining, you can use the dynamic cursor position to facilitate the process.

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