While most auto clickers are operating system independent, there are several Mac-only auto clickers also available in the market. They are more personalised to Mac commands and configurations. Once you download an auto clicker for your Mac, you will not need to worry about repetitive clicking on the screen. The clicker will automate that function for you. The download process and user guide for MAC in discussed here.DOWNLOAD NOW

How to Download an Auto Clicker for Mac

  1. Several auto clickers can be downloaded and used on your Macs. It all depends on personal choice and reviewing the best out of them.
  2. Two recommended auto clickers are Advanced Auto Clicker ( and Auto Clicker for Mac by While the first auto clicker is free to download and widely used by people, the latter, even though it says it is free to download, requires a nominal payment. However, the service provided by the latter has also been reviewed to be of good quality.
  3. As you visit the two sites, the download button will appear on your screen. Click on it and download the set-up files in the directory you want to.
  4. Install the files and launch the clicker. The user-interface of the clicker is not complicated.
  5. You will have to select the click interval between two consecutive clicks and select a location on the screen where you want the clicker on click. A parameter called Auto Stop can be set to stop clicking after a certain number of clicks or a time limit.
  6. Select the type of clicking you want be it left click, right click, or a double click. Once you have set the parameters, start the clicker on your Mac.

How to Make a Clicker on your Mac without any external Download (Trick)

  1. Go to System Preferences and click on Universal Access. Click on Mouse and TrackPad followed by ‘Enable Access for Assistive Devices.’
  2. Now open up Finder on your Mac and look up ‘Apple Script’. Open the folder and click on the Script Editor. This will serve as an auto clicker.
  3. Copy and paste the following code there: on idle tell application “System Events” key code 87 end tell return 2 end idle
  4. The ‘return 2’ determines the click interval. 2 symbolizes 2 seconds. You can change it according to your requirements. Now save the script with your preferred name and file format as ‘Application.’
  5. Now go back to Mouse and Trackpad and click ‘On’ for Mouse keys. Open up the script and press ‘Play’. You will see the clicker in function.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I turn on Mouse Clicker on my Mac?

You can either choose to enable the auto clicker using the code snippet given above or download an auto clicker, launch the application, set the parameters, and use it.

2. Is there an Auto Clicker for Mac?

The two ways in which you can get an auto clicker for Mac are given above. There is no ready-made auto clicker installed on Mac that you can instantly use.

3. What is the best auto clicker for Mac?

There are several very good auto clickers that you can use for Mac. The two best auto clickers would be the two recommended in the download and set up part of this article. Other than that DewllClick is another application that has received good reviews from users over the years.

4. How do I Auto Click on my Macbook Pro?

The process is the same irrespective of the Mac model you are using. Either download a standalone auto clicker from the internet (paid or unpaid) or use the code snippet to build an auto clicker yourself.

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