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The Auto Clicker is an essential tool for various online tasks like gaming, data entry or help you around with basic computing tasks.

Fast Auto Clicker is the most effective auto clicker in the market. We have added all the required functions and settings to help the users.

It is a free and easy way to automate your mouse clicks.

We have reviewed the other best auto clickers in the market, and added a lot of guides and blog posts to help the users make the most out of their mouse clickers.

What is Auto Click Typer 2.0?

We believe that Auto Click Typer 2.0 is a boon for those who have to get some job done that pertains to multiple or repetitive auto clicking. Auto Click Typer 2.0 can save its users both time and effort. Once the user has specified the location and set the parameters according to their preference, our software can keep running in the background and perform the clicking functions. Not only does Auto Click Typer 2.0 automate mouse clicks, but also keyboard clicks. Our software, besides automating the clicks, it is also extremely flexible and can cater to specific needs of our users. For example, it lets users set the total duration for which the software will continue clicking at the specified position while also letting them set the desired time gap between two consecutive clicks. However, if the user does not want to particularly specify these, the software can run on default settings i.e for infinite time with random time gaps. Thus one can say that this particular software is extremely user friendly. Also, the process of installation is designed in such a way that it is extremely easy and time efficient.

Why use Auto Click Typer 2.0?

Performing tasks like presenting a slide show, viewing photos in some photo viewer or playing games like Minecraft requires the user to continue clicking. With our autoclicker software, this monotonous task can be easily completed without any intervention of the user.

As mentioned earlier, this Auto Clicker software is extremely flexible and user friendly. It automates mouse functions like “Move the cursor”, “Right and left click”, “Double and triple click”. The automated keyboard functions that our AutoClicker software can perform are “Pressing one keyboard key”, “Typing a multi line textual content”. Parameters like total duration of action, total number of repetitions, time gap between two consecutive clicks can all be set by the user or can be used in our default setting.

Besides all the aforementioned actions that our auto clicker software can perform, another extremely important and convenient action that we offer our users is enabling them to save the settings from their last session, which can be used in their next. Not just the settings, but the list of actions that they create in one session can be saved and stored in an AUTOCT file format. The list gets executed in a sequential manner. Our users can alter the sequence of the actions in the list and edit them as per their convenience.

This way our software increases the time efficiency manifold.

Features of Auto Click Typer 2.0

  1. Free macro reader software
  2. Allows automation and recording of mouse and keyboard actions
  3. Easy to install and user friendly interface
  4. Queued up actions can be executed by hotkeys (F9: run; F10: stop). These hotkeys can be changed by the user, as they deem fit.
  5. Hotkeys can work in the background
  6. The list of actions can be rearranged, edited and delayed as per the need and/or convenience of the user. This list can be saved as an AUTOCT file and reused in future

About The Author: Ayou Kawase

‘In it to win it!”

As a gamer and gaming enthusiast, playing and winning has always been an integral part of my life’s motto. It is from here, that my interest in developing the Auto Click Typer 2.0 stems. Those of us who are aware of games like Minecraft know how essential and crucial it is to keep clicking your mouse and keyboard in order to win. Not just gaming, but when it comes to presenting slides in conferences, most of us fail to coordinate our speeches with the slide show. Speaking and changing slides simultaneously, that too under the stress to perform well often gets the best of us. Since we are a generation of people who believe in minimizing effort, my colleagues and I came up with the idea of this auto clicking software that could help us in situations that demand multiple and repetitive clicking. The idea was to design a particular tool that would require the least intervention of its user and will give effective results.

Coming from a family of literary scholars, I have always taken a liking to reading. I am an avid reader who does not only stick to novels and other literary marvels, but also spends considerable time reading magazines, especially tech magazines. And it is due to my liking for reading magazines that I started playing video games and thought about taking coding seriously. Once I started coding, I found my passion and a zeal to excel at it.

Besides reading, I do spend a considerable amount of time listening to music and I thoroughly enjoy watching science fiction.

With this auto clicker software that we have developed, our aim is to help people save the time and the effort that they have to put in while sitting and clicking on the screen. We firmly believe that Auto Click Typer 2.0 is just the revolutionary idea that was needed for a long time.