Auto Clickers have considerably reduced the mechanical human effort of repeatedly clicking on a particular point on the screen. While the Autoclicker is mainly predominant in the gaming industry, it also finds use in several desk jobs like form submissions and monotonous data entries. The user interface of the Auto Clicker is extremely easy to comprehend and can be used by users of all competencies as no coding is required. The basic settings of the clicker are listed as follows:

  • Click Interval – Click Interval determines the time elapsed between two consecutive clicks. The interval controls the speed of the clicks and time divisions are available in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. By default, the click interval is set to 100 milliseconds. The fastest click interval time of the auto clicker can be reached when all the parameters are set to zero.

  • Click Options – The Clicker has two click options namely the type of Mouse Button click you want and the Click Type. Mouse Button options are listed as ‘Left Click’, ‘Right Click’, and ‘Scroller Click’. Depending upon the usage, you will have to select one. Three click types, namely ‘Single’, ‘Double’, and ‘Triple’ can be selected from the drop-down menu. Although the triple click option is not in use much, it can come handy when working with text documents.

  • Click Repeat – Click Repeat determines the number of clicks you want before the Auto Clicker will come to a pause. You can either feed in a numerical number of clicks or select the ‘Repeat Until Stopped’ option. On choosing the latter, the Auto Clicker will continue clicking until the application is closed or the stop hotkey is activated.

  • Cursor Position – For the clicker to perform, it needs to be designated a particular point on the screen where it will click. This can be selected via the Cursor Position Option. You can either select a X and Y position on the screen or keep it to ‘Dynamic Cursor Position’ or ‘Current Position’. On choosing the second option, the clicker will follow the position of the cursor and continue clicking depending upon the other parameters that have been set.

  • HotKey – The Auto Clicker user interface has the ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ buttons that can be activated to start or pause the clicker. However, when the application is running in the background, this becomes a logistical problem. In that case, Hotkeys are used as keyboard shortcuts to perform the same functions. By default, F6 is set as the hotkey to Start and Stop the clicker. This can be changed to any button on the keyboard.

  • Help – This button is present on the interface of the clicker. It lets you ask the developer team or directs you to the Help Website of the clicker in case you face problems while using the application.